Watch this:

Kaboom baby!  Mind blown…when I watched this video…MY.LIFE.CHANGED.

I’m telling you, this short YouTube video  has been a part of every major life decision that I have ever made since seeing it.  After watching it, you come to a simple realization that life is short, and…

“You are going to die.  You and your children and everyone you love is hurdling toward the boneyard.”   – Russell Brand

I break it down like this:  there are 24 hours in a day, you are eating, sleeping, and shitting for 12 of them, what are you going to do with the other half?

You have 12 hours a day to choose how you spend your life.  Use it by taking big risks worth taking and doing things that make you truly happy.

Don’t know what makes you happy?  It’s because you haven’t had enough life experiences.  “It’s ok if you havn’t figured it out yet.  Just get more life experiences, and you will.”  – Gary Vee

Journey Over Destination,

Jack Schram